Our Story

The salty nest owners and creators, baby swing
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2020 brought about a lot of changes for the world. It certainly brought upon our family one of the largest and most exciting endeavors- starting our own small business.

Our Inspiration

My husband and I love traveling, being outdoors, surfing, and home renovating!  We travel often by home hacking through Airbnb (renting our home when we travel). We always wanted to homeschool our two children so that we could have the freedom to travel and be together as a family as much as possible. That meant we both needed (and wanted!) to work from home to share in all of these exciting moments together.

This created a drive like never before to open our own business which is near and dear to our hearts- creating products for children that fits the style and minimalism that we as parents look for. Our first product was our indoor baby swing in coconut white, and since then we have launched 2 more colors and designed an outdoor swing too!

We love seeing families take home and enjoy one of our swings because it feels like a little piece of our home and family has gone to theirs.

We cherish the memories with our children, and we are happy to provide a product that allows other mothers and fathers to create lasting memories with their children.

How We Chose The Name

Now, we're sure you're thinking, The Salty Nest is a pretty... Original... Name. How did you come up with it?

Good question, and truthfully, being original was what we were going for! We wanted a name that represented who we are, and it started back in 2018.

When we went to visit family in South Africa in 2018, we had the desire to start our own business in the back of our minds. We knew, though, that in order to bring this idea to life, we needed a name first. It was on this trip, the name came to us.

Creators of Salty Nest

 Photo by IG @findinglightphotography

You see, I often call myself mama bird, and the idea of a nest popped into my head. We loved using this word instead of just home. Since we live in Deerfield Beach, Florida, we are ocean lovers at heart and passionate surfers. In our books, there is nothing better than coming back to our nest with that salty hair and sandy feet.

That's when it all came to us, and The Salty Nest was born. It's us. It's our home, and now it is also the newest endeavor in our life.

We are so glad you came to visit our nest, and look forward in the future to provide many more products to our other Mamas and Daddys out there, as well as for all of our tiny humans we love so much.

Thank you for the ongoing support & love,

​Ciera + Family

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